Highway 29’s mission is to ensure that important sources of local news are not lost in Napa Valley. We believe that when local community newspapers disappear, the community suffers. Over the past two years, more than 360 newspapers have closed across the United States. When newspapers fold, the “news deserts” left behind have dire consequences:

  • Voter participation goes down, misinformation thrives, and democracy suffers.
  • Corporate misconduct increases.
  • Community involvement and engagement plummets.
  • The cost of government programs goes up.

We won’t let this happen in Napa Valley.Our goal is to build on the rich tradition of the Calistoga Tribune and the Yountville Sun by expanding coverage, doubling down on local stories, and building a digital platform to expand engagement - all while we continue to publish both publications in print.Highway 29 newspapers will adhere to a strict code of ethics and report the news without bias for any economic or political interest. Our community deserves journalism that speaks for itself and builds on the high standards set by the current Sun and Tribune owners and staff.The long-time publishers of the existing newspapers — Sharon Stensaas of the Yountville Sun, and Pat Hampton and Ramona Asmus of the Calistoga Tribune — have endorsed our mission and will remain involved in advisory roles.